Who Is Khumo From Muvhango? Real Name, Bio & Age

Who Is Khumo From Muvhango? Real Name, Bio & Age

Who Is Khumo From Muvhango? Real Name, Bio & Age

Khumo From Muvhango Real Name: Seneo Paige Mabengano

Gender: Female

Age: 26 years old

Date of birth: 1996

Nationality: Botswana

Occupation: Actress / Model

Tv shows: Muvhango

Screen Name: Khumo from Muvhango

University: Limkowking University

Khumo From Muvhango Real Name

Who is Seneo Mabengano? She is the past Miss Botswana and the beautiful newcomer to Muvhango who became known by acting Khumo on Muvhango..

The Botswana beauty queen has her real name as Seneo Mabengano, she has been in the news on the TV series Muvhango ever since she joined the show to act as Khumo Motsamai. It is an untenable truth that the model who turned into actress is a beauty, as is seen by many followers and many users have no idea she was a national beauty queen at one point.

She was crowned Miss Botswana in 2015 and competed in other international pageants.

Khumo Motsamai From Muvhango Age

The actress whose is mainly known as Khumo was born in 1996. The date of birth is not certain but we can say for sure she is 26 years old as of 2023.

Khumo Motsamai From Muvhango Biography

As stated earlier, Seneo Mabengano hails from Botswana. She had been a model and won former Miss Botswana. In South African however, she is best-known for playing the character of Khumo on the movie Muvhango.

While a young girl, she started her life in Botswana as a beauty pageant and was successful at it, she won Miss Botswana before going  in the entertainment industry.

Seneo won the crown of Miss Botswana in 2015 while she was still 19 and since then she kicked off her journey to limelight, which did not end in just Botswana. Again in 2015, the model went on to represent her country Botswana at the Miss World pageant the same year but did not win the title but she make her country proud.

While acting, Seneo still seems to be interested in modelling as her Instagram shows that she still walk runways. Asides being a Botswana National, she lives in South Africa and and also Malaysia. From to her Instagram profile, it shows that she loves to meet up with the status of some prominent South African celebrities like Ayanda Daweti, Connie Ferguson and other powerful females a she journeys her way as an actress.

Seneo Mabengano Early Life

The 26-year-old model, is half Motswana and half Greek, she is a determined individual who always succeeds in getting her desires.

She stated that when she was 13, her mother died. and her aunt together with her husband, whom she considers her parents, took her in with her brother, she later lived with her grandparents.

Seneo was raised in a normal household, and she clamed to respect and love her grandparents, who helped her become into the type pf woman she is today. She sees herself as fortunate to have had the nature of her grandparents.

Khumo On Muvhango

Khumo made her first appearance visiting James ’ mother in prison which ended with the aged woman losing her life by strangling. After killing Mopone, Khumo came into James’s life and sneaked his family, playing the good girl. She turned James against Itseng, their family, and made sure no bone believed that Khumo vended her to merchandisers.

Khumo has tried to stop Itseng from any of her moves to expose her and is the smarts behind Itseng being abducted. still, no matter how important Imani tries to advise James about Khumo, it falls on deaf cognizance, and he doesn’t believe any of the allegations. She indeed gets the police to believe her falsehoods by acting like she’s helping them in their hunt to break the hijacking case.

Seneo Mabengano As Miss Botswana

Mabengano has been trending since 2015, but mostly in Botswana. She is a beauty queen; in 2015, she was crowned Miss Botswana, and her tenure ended in 2016.

As the Miss Botswana, she had a lot of advantages, some of which will be in perpetuity. As the 2015 queen, Seneo had the opportunity to tour the world and even compete on a Miss Universe international stage.

She continued to tour the world even when she handed the crown over, giving her career in the spotlight further wings. Subsequently after her reign, she began to show interest in the television industry, she obtained residency in South Africa, and also has residency in Botswana, and Malawi. Seneo, is gifted in not just acting but in beautiful art, acting etc, and an example is her acting on Muvhango.

Her first debut was at Gaborone, Botswana then the Muvhango casting team selected her together with a smaller group for the second round of South African auditions.

She stated she was glad when she got a call that she has been selected for the role.

Seneo describes her type as “the new girl in the city of Johannesburg with a mission to take over.” She also further stated that there are some qualities of Khumo that she can identify with in real person, such as her determination to make her desires happen no matter what, but claims that she does not appreciate nor identify her bad roles.

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