Who Is Bridget From Scandal? Real Name, Age & Bio

Bridget From Scandal Real Name, Age & Bio (Vuvu in Scandal)

Bridget From Scandal Real Name, Age & Bio (Vuvu in Scandal)

It is interesting on how South African TV entertainers rake up much love from people around the world, this can be said about Bridget From Scandal.

Bridget From Scandal is a young actress whose real name is Mamarumo, and on this page we have more information about her. Some of these information include; how old is Bridget From Scandal, real name, biography, net worth, etc.

Bridget From Scandal Bio

Mamarumo Marokane aka Bridget from Scandal or Vuvu is a South African actress and female presenter. She is best known for her appearances on Netflix’s hit series Shadow and MTV Shuga.

The female entertainer played the role of Janice in the first-ever original South African series to premier on Netflix.

Just like many other entertainers, Bridget is well educated and even studied at CityVarsity School of Media and Creative Arts. The female entertainer whose real name is Mamarumo graduated in drama performance arts which further makes her a better and more qualified actress. Interestingly, she can speak three languages, English, Sepedi and Setswana.

In March 2020, the she found herself making her mark as she premiered in the first-ever issue of the Cosmopolitan Netflix magazine. In the movie, she starred alongside Shonisani Masutha, Kuhle Adams and Ama Qamata, they were tagged the next big things by the renowned popular actress Pearl Thusi.

One of the few controversial information about Mamarumo Marokane is her age, many has been left to guess what actually could be the real age of Bridget from Scandal especially since she debuted in Scandal.

Bridget from Scandal Age

How old is Bridget from Scandal? Well, there is no proof of her real age, however it is believed that Marokane whse screen name on Scandal is Bridget was born in about 1997 in tafelkop Limpopo province.

Mamarumo Marokane has been impressing Mzansi with her acting style and her performance on etv’s hit series Scandal as Vuvu.

Bridget from Scandal Net Worth

The official net worth of Bridget is not certain, but from her roles and character she plays on screen, w can say she is worth about $100,000.

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