Macele Mseleku Biography, Age, Net Worth

Macele Mseleku Biography, Age, Net Worth

Macele Mseleku Biography, Age, Net Worth

Again, we have shared the brief profile of a member of the Mseleku family. Musa Mseleku is a renowned South African polygamists who has a few wives and girlfriends, his lifestyle and wealth has placed his family members on the spotlight, and here we have some brief information about his first wife, Macele Mseleku.

On this page, you are expected to read about the biography, age, real name, net worth, etc of Macele Mseleku.

Macele Mseleku Biography

Mamkhulu is the name which MaCele Mseleku is known by, she is a popular South African reality star and also a businesswoman. Asides gaining fame as a reality star, she is also well known as the first wife of proficient South African Radio and TV presenter Musa Mseleku. Her fans mostly refer to her as the Queen mother.

The female South African celebrity has debuted in the Mseleku family show, Uthando Nesthembu together with other members of the family including her husband, co-wives and the kids. Most of the family members mostly gained more popularity after appearing on the hit Mzansi Magic reality series.

According to her husband, he describes Macele Mseleku as a silent woman and a lady of just little words. Musa also confirms that she is open and speaks her mind at will whenever there is need for her to address something. She also affirms it when she does or does not wants or maybe when she needs to asserts her authority as the first wife of the family when it is mostly needed. As her viewers and fans loves to call her queen mother, this is speculatively because of the fact that she is Queen-like and she always carries herself with high dignity.

Macele Mseleku Age

MaCele, the first wife of Musa was born in 1977. The birth month and day is not confirmed yet.

For fans wondering how old is MaCele Mseleku, she is 46 years old as of 2023.

Macele Mseleku Net Worth

The net worth of Mamkhulu MaCele Mseleku has not be confirmed, neother has she released it to the public. But as we all know, she is the first wife of Musa Mseleku, and she is the first to handle the business of the family, and evidently Mamkhulu seems to be good at her job as the first wife.

The family, under her care and watch has recorded much success as she manages the business and she is always being praised by her husband.

Some years back in 2017, Mamkhulu had two Mercedes Benz cars, gifts she received from her husband for agreeing to a polygamous family.

The first wife of Musa is believed to be worth a lot, maybe about $500,000 – $1,000,000.

Mamkhulu Real Name

The real name of Mamkhulu is MaCele Mseleku. She is mostly called Queen mother or Mamkhulu.

MaCele Mseleku Children

Mamkhulu as of recent has three children with Musa, her husband. Her childrens’ names are Lwandle (20 years old in 2023), Abongwe (18 years old in 2023), and Owami (11 years old in 2023).

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