Who Is Tom Murray? Cloete Murray’s Son Bio, Age, Shot Dead

Cloete Murray Son Age, Shot Dead Worth, Who Is Tom Murray?

Who Is Tom Murray? Cloete Murray’s Son Bio, Age, Shot Dead

It is a bad news to announce the death of the son of the South African business mogul, Cloete Murray. Cloete’s son, Tom Murray was shot dead earlier this week and was pronounced dead in the spot of the shooting.

It has been a news of shock, as everyone has been wondering what could have caused Cloete Murray’s Son to be shot at a young age. What could have gone wrong.

We have therefore, decided to share some information about the Murray family, business,  Cloete Murray Son age, Tom Murray, net worth, why Tom Murray was shot dead etc.

Cloete Murray Son Age

The birthday of Tom, whose real name is Thomas is not confirmed as of now. However, we can confirm that Tom was 28 years old as of when he was pronounced dead.

So, for people wondering or asking, “how old is Cloete Murray son, Tom”? Thomas was 28 years old as of when he was shot dead along with his dad.

With this information, we can confirm that Tom was born in 1995.

Cloete Murray

The South African, Cloete Murray, is a  50-year-old investigator, who was appointed to investigate the state corruption allegations. He was however shot dead along side his son by unknown kill-squad in Johannesburg city last week Saturday.

Cloete began his career at the Master of the High Court, the businessman acquired more experience at Stabilitas Board of Executors and Limvaal Trustees.

Cloete was the CEO and director of Sechaba Trust. Also, he was one of the experienced persons in the administration and management of huge commercial liquidations.

Reports stated that after the shot, Murray’s son died instantly while Cloete was rushed to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead after a long battle by the team of doctors to save his life.

Before the shooting, it was confirmed that Mr Murray was the one behind the wheels of a White SUV before being attacked. The sad incident took place when Murray was driving in the city along with his 28-year-old son Thomas.

The investigation for which many think the Murrays were shot for, involved a company which was linked to the Gupta brothers. The Gupta brothers was accused of seeking political favours from high class individuals, government officials etc. for their business.

Cloete who was an investigator held a prestigious position as a liquidator for Bosasa company, the company was subsequently said to be involved in many government contract scams.

The Zondo commission confirms that Bosasa was involved in financial irregularities which involved government contracts. The Zondo commission was set up by the former president, Jacob Zuma in 2018 with the aim of looking out for frauds and corruptions within the public sector.

Also, the Bosasa company was a huge donor to the currently South African president, Cyril Ramaphosa’s campaign group. It was alleged that for this reason, the company has been receiving government contracts.

Ramaphosa came public to refute this claim and stated explicitly that further investigations will be carried out, and if the company was found to be corrupt, he would repay the $35,000 (£27,300) donations it got from the company. Ram

Murray of the Bosasa was said to be looking into a company which has ties with the Gupta brothers- Ajay, Rajesh and Atul.
Reports have it that Rajesh Gupta and Atul Gupta from the Gupta family were arrested in 2022, but the third brother, Ajay, was left out in the arrest, and no one knows for what reason. The law enforcement has been working to have the arrested Gupta brothers extradited from the UAE to face the charges they currently face..

These reports and claims could have been the reason why Cloete Murray and his son Tom Murray died on Sunday after they were was shot.

Tom Murray, Son of Cloete Murray

Tom Murray the son of Cloete Murray has been confirmed to be among the Bosasa liquidators. The duo were shot while driving in a white Toyota SUV on the N1 north in Midrand last week Saturday afternoon.

Tom Murray was 28 years old young man whose father was Cloete Murray, a Bosasa liquidator.

As earlier stated, Tom died after the shooting while his father died in the hospital. It was reported that Cloete was shot in the head, and the bullet was nestled in his brain.

Tom full name was Thomas, but had been known as Tom. Unfortunately, we do not know if he is currently married, or facts about his wife, family etc.

Murray Net Worth 2023

The Murray family and Bosasa liquidators have an impressive net worth which can be capped at above $2,000,000.

However, the salary, earnings, and exact details of their net worth is not confirmed yet.

Cloete has not publicly disclosed his net worth, neither had his son, Tom did same. The duo have always remained quiet about their net value and worth.

Reports have it that the family has made a fortune from their business and contracts. With Cloete in some huge lists of contracts, which in turn earned him so much money, we are certain that the net worth of Cloete and Thomas Murray is estimated to be in millions of dollars.

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