Tebello Tibi From Scandal Real Name And Age

Tebello Tibi From Scandal Real Name And Age

Tebello Tibi From Scandal Real Name And Age

Tibi is the short name for Tebello, a young actor in Scandal who has made a name in the South African entertainment indistry,

Here we have some information about Tebello aka Tibi from scandal, some of which are his age, real name and net worth. Keep reading.

Tebello from Scandal Age

The young artist was said to be born in 2010 April 27th. Tibi as of 2023 is 13 years old.

Tibi From Scandal Real Name

The real name of Tebello Scandal is Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane.

Tebello from Scandal Biography

Tibi whose real name is Litlhonolofatso Litlhakanyane is a South African young actor. He is famous for playing the role of Tebello on Scandal, an eTV weekly soapie.

The young artist was said to be born in 2010 April 27th. He became a known figure after starring as Tebello on the Soap opera show named Scandal.

Asides being popular TV actor in South Africa, he is also one of the youngest in the industry who is quite popular and zealous. He once revealed that he would love to be a lawyer and is quite serious to keep pursuing his education.

The young boy evidently has the support of his family as his mother has confirmed to support his acting role while also pursuing her education.

His family background is quite sketchy and no much information is known about his earlier life, siblings and parents.
We do know she has a sister, and a mother who is just referred to as Palesa. Also, it was gathered that he has a brother whose name is Tlonolofatso and also has a sister, by name Magogodi.

Her mum says that her son is a very shy boy in reality however, he portrays a confident personality on-screen.

His brother, Tlonolofatso, is also a good actor and also premiers on the show playing the role of Thabo

The young actor was said to had been born on Johannesburg Gauteng in South Africa. As of 2020, he was a grade 5 student at Laerskool Oospark.

Tebello has never been to any acting school, and thus will be surprising as to how he has been able to act so flawlessly.
He once talked about how he began to act, he in fact stated that it was his sister who motivated him to go into acting.

The young actor told his story and confirmed that his sister saw an update on Facebook requesting for a child actor, then he was called upon by the sister, who also went ahead to convince their mother to allow him take on an acting gig.

It quite seem as the family has the talent of acting as the brother of Tebello is also an actor.

Tebello from Scandal Net Worth

It is hard to determine the actual worth of the young actor. But reports have it that the young actor actually makes an anual income of about 25k rands which is about 1500$. He is youngest actor in the South African soapie.

The male child actor landed the role after many callbacks, he took the role of an abandoned young child who took care of Yvonne’s frail mother.

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