Njinji From Uzalo, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Husband

Njinji From Uzalo Bio, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Husband

Njinji From Uzalo Bio, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Husband

Uzalo is a nice South African drama, where two families were set on a collision course that set in motion series of events that led to the discovery of interesting terrible secret.

Among the top characters is Njinji, a South African actress who has been playing some important roles in the movie. We have gone ahead to share some interesting information about Njinji from Uzalo.

Some of the information about Njinji from Uzalo which you will find include, her real name, Njinji from Uzalo age, Njinji from Uzalo husband, her biography, net worth etc.

Njinji from Uzalo Biography

As stated earlier, Njinji who appeared on Uzalo is a renowned South African female actress. The well decorated actress boasts of a career which spans over four decades. She played a role in 2005 which puts her in the national spotlight as she plays Selina on Zone 14.

In the movie, she starred on Isibaya as she takes a character of a thug as Mkabayi Zungu. Her stern look and love for guns has always captivated Mzansi.

The female emcee, Thembi Nyandeni is a renowned actress that is now on the role of Njinji Magwaza on Uzalo. In the movie, she made her debut with guns blazing as she clamored for revenge for her nephew Vika, her excellent acts drew the attention of Mzansi and we could not be more impressed.

Njinji from Uzalo Age

Thembi Nyandeni aka Njnji on Uzalo is a veteran South African actress whose date of birth is 19 March 1958.

From her date of birth, it can be confirmed that she is 65 years old.

She will celebrate her next birthday on 19th March 2023, then she will me 65.

Njinji On Uzalo Real Name

The name Njinji is just the character she played on the movie.

Njinji’s real name is Thembi Nyandeni.

Who is Thembi Nyandeni’s Husband?

Njinji from Uzalo is one actress who has expressed her displeasure in men, she made the revelation a comment that left her followers very surprised. She said, “I will never remarry. Men are psychos. I don’t want to deal with them. They will never be with one woman. I don’t want to risk my life. Especially now, we’ve got so many diseases,” she stated.

She is currently divorced, she has children with her ex-husband, though the identity of her children are not known.

What is Thembi Nyandeni’s Net Worth?

Without doubt Njinji has a successful career and thus has amassed herself a fortune. From her acting roles over the years, the female actress may have has bagged a net worth of about R200 000. She is still active in the movie industry even in her sixties.

Thembi Nyandeni Leaked Video

A while a go, there was a leaked video which shows a man and woman making out, and people rumored that the female looks like Thembi. The advanced female actress refuted the video and stated that she is too old for such indecency. “Yes! And it was disgusting! I’m 63 years old and cannot be doing such distasteful sex scenes. Somebody is out to destroy me.” Njinji from Uzalo also cleared everyone interested that she has never even engaged in any intimate relationship with any man recently. She also stated that she will like to take some legal actions, she said, “If you could help me get the person who did this, then I would open a case! I have morals. I have rules and regulations that I live by daily.

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