Lucy Diale Generation The Legacy: Real Name In Real Life, Death

Lucy Diale Generation The Legacy: Real Name In Real Life, Dead

Lucy Diale Generation The Legacy: Real Name In Real Life, Death

Who is Lucy Diale from Generation: The Legacy, how old is Lucy Diale, net worth, is Lucy Diale dead? What is the real name of Lucy Diale.

These among others are some of the information we have below about the South African female TV entertainer.

Lucy Diale Age

The actress was born on 6 April 1979. As of 2023, she is 54 years old.

Lucy Diale Real Name

Evidently, the actress is known more by her screen name which is Lucy Diale, and the name came from her character on Generation: The Legacy.

Clearly, that is not her biological name. The real name of Lucy Diale is Manaka Ranaka.

Lucy Diale Biography

Manaka Ranaka is a renown South African actress who was born on April 6th 1979. She has been a prolific actress and had been in fact known with her debut Soap Opera Generation: The Legacy, there she starred as Lucy Diale.

The South African female actress was raised by her parents, Kgotlaesele Ranaka and Nonceba Ranaka. Along with her siblings, Mpumi Ranaa and Dineo Ranaka, they were raised in a small village in South Africa.

As a professional actress, she has been in other nice movies, and one of which is Isindigo which is also a Soap Opera movie. In the movie she premiered as Nandipha Sithole, back in the year 2000.

Due to her outstanding act and plays on TV, she was nominated and awarded in 2007 as the Best Actress in a Television comedy during the SAFTA awards.

Manaka is educated, she went through Dinwiddie high school and after her education, she went in to start acting.

The actress was once in a relationship with Thabo Monareng, a relationship where she was nine years older than her lover. She revealed that she loved kids and would love to raise some with her partner while she was sill alive.

In 2018, it was rumored that she died in a car crash, well that was promptly refuted as she immediately came up via her social media to clear the air.

Lucy Diale Net Worth

Manaka Ranaka aka Lucy Diale is among the richest South African actresses. From reports which our team have been able to find, she is estimated to worth worth about $1.5 million.

Is Lucy Diale Dead Or Alive

According to the reports, the rumors began to show up on the social media since 2018 and for some reasons which we do not know, the news began to trend again in 2023.

The first rumor which was in 2018 claimed that she died in a auto accident, she in 2018 came through to reveal that she was alive. We have no reason to believe that she died in 2023 as the death news has been just rumor.

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