Mbali Mseleku Bio, Age, Net Worth

Mbali Mseleku Bio, Age, Net Worth, Date Of Birth

Mbali Mseleku Bio, Age, Net Worth

If you’re wondering who Mbali Mseleku is, you wouldn’t need to worry much as we have shared more information about her. As the wife of Musa Mseleku, people have been eager to know more about her, who she is, how old is Mbali, her job, children, position as wife in the family and so on.

On this page, we have shared much information about Mbali Mseleku, who is also known as MaNgwabe. Keep reading below.

Mbali Mseleku Bio

Mbali Ngwabe who is married to Musa Mseleku as the fourth wife is a South African actress, nurse and also a mother.

MaNgwabe is a certified nurse and the fourth wife of Musa, but she is a few years older than Thobile MaKhumalo who is the third wife. The couple got married back in 2009 at the DHA.

There have been reports where Musa has complaints about his fourth wife not being committed and taking on her roles as his wife. Mbali “MaNgwabe” Mseleku on the other hans seem not to care much and even has her viewers rooting for her. At some point, there was speculations and side talks as to if Mbali will last long in the marriage or if she would quit the union.

In a report, Mseleku was stating that MaNgwabe doesn’t give him respect, just does anything she pleases and does not even care to tell him what she’s about doing.

He also went on to state that MaNgwabe does not prepare his food as she should because she claims to be too busy, by being busy it means she going to work to take care of her kids.

Mbali works as a nurse and she seems pretty dedicated to her job and career, much to the point of being annoying to Musa Mseleku who always reports that she doesn’t take out time for him and her family.

The duo was said to had met when Musa was dating Makhumalo, and they got married in 2009.

Mbali Mseleku Age

How old is Mbali? She is 40 years old. Mbali Mseleku was born on 1983.

Mbali Mseleku Net Worth

There has not been any official claim to support the real net worth of Mbali, but from our speculations, Mbali Mseleku’s net worth is estimated to be roughly R10 million.

MaNgwabe Real Name

The real name of Musa’s fourth wife is Mbali MaNgwabe Mseleku.

MaNgwabe Children

MaNgwabe has two children together with his polygamous husband. The names of her daughter are Mawande who was born in 2012 and also Zenande who was born five years later in 2017.

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