Major League Djz & Major Lazer Team Up On ‘Piano Republic’ Album

Major League Djz & Major Lazer Team Up On 'Piano Republic' Album

Major League Djz & Major Lazer Team Up On ‘Piano Republic’ Amapiano Album

Piano Republic Album Zip Download: Not long ago, Major League Djz who are South African amapiano DJs and producers duo both team up with Major Lazer to share a collaborative work of art titled Piano Republic.

Major League Djz

The music project comes from South African duo singers Major League Djz, a music team made up of twin brothers, Bandile And Banele Mbere. Together, the duo have attained a nice level of commercial success, also they have received a lot of awards. They have a great taste and style in music where they tend to play around various music genres in South Africa, and most times the end result have been convincing that they know what they are doing actually. Some of the music genres in South Africa which the duo are known with are; hip-hop, afrobeats, kwaito and currently, amapiano.

Major Lazer

Just as the previous, Major Lazer is also a sensational global dance group manned by three persons whose identity are Diplo, Walshy Fire and Ape Drums. The music group made up of three persons have been in existence right from 2009. According to the Majot Lazer group they claim that their musical work is majorly for the purpose of uplifting and celebrating cultures, other upcoming artists and major genres from not just South Africa, but around the world. Major Lazer is a music group with the belief that they have a mission, and that is to free the world with music. Currently, they have been doing great at it as they have been releasing music projects from various music genres, including amapiano.

Piano Republic Album

The project is the first from the group after three years, Piano Republic is an amapiano infused project which is filled with the thrills and excitement needed of any loved amapiano project. It is not a surprise that the two sides have chosen to work through amapiano, a dance music genre that has unprecedently become a phenomena in both South Africa and around the world.

As they were getting ready to share the album, Walshy Fire, frontman of Major Lazer said;  “Africa is the centre of musical energy for the whole world right now, and amapiano is easily one of the most exciting things happening,” they continued, “It’s blown up all over the continent, but it all started in South Africa, and Major League Djz are in the middle of everything. As soon as we got to experience their movement in real life, we knew we just had to collaborate.”

Bandile Mbere revealed in an interview, he said; “The spirit of amapiano is African dance music that brings the world together.” “It breeds the African soul,” He continued. “It’s brought Africa closer together, or brought South Africa closer to the rest of Africa.”

The Amapiano Republic album has in it some of the released singles from the duo, like Koo Koo Fun which features Nigeria’s afrobeat singer, Tiwa Savage and South African amapiano DJ Maphorisa. Oher songs which could be found in the album include but not limited to  Mamgobhozi assisted by the late South African music activist Brenda Fassie, Designer assisted by Joeboy; and it also featured American R&B superstar Ty Dolla $ign on Smoking & DrinkingOh Yeah. Some of the South African artists who featured on the amapiano project are Msaki, Russell Zuma, Gaba Cannal, Yumbs, Boniface, DJ Rico and the upcoming singer, Tyla.


The album, Piano Republic is a combination of both soulful house music, jazzy piano melodies and African rhythms. As it is known, Amapiano has become one of the best genre in South Africa’s dance music culture. For that, it is not so surprising that many artists are embracing the new sound. Reports have it that Major League Djz are some of the  pioneers of amapiano, and the music genre has successfully brought global audiences to South Africa over the last couple of years. Major League Djz have done great for both the music genre and the country with their dedication on their live Balcony Mix events, which when released gathers millions of views on just YouTube.

Currently, fans o both Major Lazer and Major League Djz can stream or download Piano Republic album on Spotify or AppleMusic. Please note that the artists have not shared any album zip download file for the project as the album is copyright protected.

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