Jumbo Makabongwe Ujesu: Biography Of Jumbo

Jumbo Makabongwe Ujesu: Biography Of Jumbo

Jumbo Makabongwe Ujesu: Biography, Age, Real Name

Jumbo Makabongwe Ujesu Song: Two days ago, Jumbo dropped off Makabongwe Ujesu song in mp3 format, and so far has gathered thousands of streams and download on the digital platforms where it was first uploaded, especially YouTube.

Despite the huge number of South Africa gospel artists who can comfortably compete with other gospel artists round the globe, there are people like Jumbo who have been sharing enough songs to put the South African gospel music and their musical works in the world map.

Alongside Jumbo, South African surely have a sizable number of gospel artists who have built quite a good reputation when it comes to sharing worship songs, some of these popular artists are; Ntokozo Mbambo, Nathaniel Bassey, Joyous Celebration, Solly Moholo etc.

Who is Jumbo? Biography & Real Name

Jumbo is an award-winning gospel singer whose real name is Sibongukwanda Nyangiwe, but mostly known as Jumbo. He is both popular for both his music production and performances. One of his best performances was in East London’s Orient Theatre.

He was born and raised in South Africa, and has been singing for a long time, probably from a younger age. For the past few years, Jumbo has acquired for himself great musical skills and has become popular for his powerful performances and music style.

The renowned South African gospel artist is known for his powerful and soulful voice. Along a handful of others, Jumbo can be said to be one the top gospel musicians in South Africa, and he has been very active in the music industry for a long time now.

He is currently married to his wife, whose name we are not sure of yet, and also not sure how many kinds they have together.


The real age of the singer is not certain at this point. From his images however, we concluded that Jmbo must be in his late 40s.

Makabongwe Ujesu Song

The track Makabongwe Ujesu is a nice gospel song and is currently one of the top rated music from the South African gospel singer. He shared the song officially just about two days ago and ever since the song’s official release, it has been doing a great number. This year 2023 alone, he has shared a handful of music and also dropped an album. The artist is more popular on the online platforms and is more known via social media outlets.

Contact Info

On his social page, he shared a mobile number which we suspect is for booking, or it could even be his personal mobile number. You may reach out to him or via this team via the number – +27 72 667 2764.


Makabongwe Ujesu mp3 by Jumbo is one of the newest music from the vault of the South African gospel artist, and you may go ahead to stream or download the music via YouTube or Apple music.

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