Jaiva Zimnike Gets Set On A New Project, “Bangihlinza Ngiphila”

Jaiva Zimnike Gets Set On A New Project, "Bangihlinza Ngiphila"

Jaiva Zimnike’s Album “Bangihlinza Ngiphila” Is Almost Ready

In South Africa, there are just a very few artists who are good with Maskandi genre one of whom is Jaiva Zimnike. A South African who is almost ready to share his new studio album called, Bangihlinza Ngiphila.

Who Is Jaiva Zimnike; Biography, Age, Net Worth

Unfortunately, the full biography of the South African is not available as at when we are writing this article. What we do know is that, Jaiva Zimnike is a respected South African Maskandi house singer. He is one of the most popular and known Maskandi artist who shares his musical work on a regular basis, in fact he shares studio projects on yearly basis.

The real age of Jaiva Zimnike is not certain, but from our assessment, we can pin the age of the artist at approximately 30 years of age. The date of birth of the male singer is not known, but for fans who ask how old is Jaiva Zimnike? He is about 30 to 35 years old.

How Much Is Jaiva Zimnike Worth?

This again, is another information we do not know about Jaiva Zimnike. Unlike many artistes in South Africa, Jaiva does not like to flaunt his life. He does not show off his assets, not cars, not houses not even cash. Unlike his fellow Maskandi singer, Mthandeni Manqele whose net worth is out there. We are not certain as to how much Jaiva may be worth.

However, from his music status and popularity, we can assume that Jaiva Zimnike is worth about $500,000.

Jaiva Zimnike Bangihlinza Ngiphila, Next Studio Project

For sure, we are certain that the next studio album from the Maskandi artist will be titled, “Bangihlinza Ngiphila”. However, what we do not know is if the project will be tagged an album, EP (extended play), mixtape etc.

Also, Jaiva has not come through to share the release date of the studio project, but from the traction its gaining on social media platform especially TikTok, we suspect that the project will from in the first week of April 2023. The project tracklist is not also known for sure, as the artist has not spoken much  about the songs which are to be expected on his next studio project.

You may follow Jaiva Zimnike on Apple Music to get his newest music updates.


Jaiva Zimnike is a South African Maskandi artist who is gearing up to release his next official studio project in April (not sure). Jaiva Zimnike Bangihlinza Ngiphila album zip mp3 download link will be released when the album drops officially. The biography, net worth and how old the artist is, is not certain as we explained above.

Stay tuned as we will share more information about the artist as we get more facts.

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