Is Big Zulu Dating Lwah Ndlunkulu, Boyfriend?

Is Big Zulu Dating Lwah Ndlunkulu, Boyfriend?

Is Big Zulu Dating Lwah Ndlunkulu, Boyfriend? Who Is The Wife Of Big Zulu?

Lwah Ndlunkulu Boyfriend & Big Zulu Wife?

Generally, the lifestyle of some entertainers are somewhat surprising, with a little tint of confusion, especially when it comes to their relation ship life, today we have a very talented South African artist in mind, Big Zulu.

Big Zulu is an extremely successful South African male artist, who is a professional South African singer, song writer and music producer.

He has been in the music scene for more that a decade, In 2008 he ventured into the music industry after he has been working as a taxi driver.

Music was not in-built in his, but the love for music was nurtured and grown right from while he was a young boy.

The South African debut singer once revealed that he began to pick interest in music while he was very young, and he loved Maskandi genre very much.

Since his break-out into the music scene in 2008, his life has taken a good shape as he has sharpened his musical talent to a state where he in known to a national level.

His music career has been a success, but the South African singer seem to have a little issue where it comes to the issue of women.

Big Zulu Wife

Before now, we have been thinking that the young entertainer is really into his girl friend whom we have known him with for some years now.

Lebogang Makenete is the name of the lady we have known Big Zulu with, in fact she already has a child with her, a baby girl but to burst your bubbles, the duo have not yet tied the knot.

So, in summary, Big Zulu does not have any wife, he has not officially paid the bride price of the lady, though, some years back he attempted to visit the family of the lady, the news was not really clear, but there was no evidence to show that the two are officially commited.

However, recently, there is a lady in the picture who has got people thinking out loud.

Lwah Ndlunkulu Relationship With Big Zulu, Lwah Ndlunkulu’s Boyfriend

Lwah Ndlunkulu is a South African female singer who dropped two hot singles, Noma Ngibheda Sometimes and We Love.

These songs are successful, thanks to Big Zulu who single handedly promoted Lwah.

Since her break out in the South African music industry, she has been featuring in all on Big Zulu’s song, I mean, every song she has her voice on must be somehow assisted by Big Zulu.

At first, we though, well professional relationship, but recently, there has been more questions as to whether the duo are in any form of romantic relationship.

To clear up the air, the duo has never confirmed nor denied the status of their relationship, though there seems to be more than what meets the eyes.

There has been question about Lwah Ndlunkulu Boyfriend.

In conclusion, considering the past of Big Zulu as someone who is in a relationship with Lebogang but had an affair with Bulie which resulted to having a baby boy, plus a few other affairs which he has been caught up in, we will say his relationship with Lwah may be intimate, but with time our doubts shall be cleared. In the meantime, keep visiting us @ HiphopAfrika.

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