Dr Dope Remakes Fatela And Kilimanjaro

Dr Dope Remakes Fatela And Kilimanjaro

Dr Dope Remakes Fatela And Kilimanjaro

Dr Dope Fatela And Kilimanjaro Remix Mp3 Download Gqom: It is in the thoughts of many to love making their own masterpiece, some however, love to remake or remix an existing beautiful songs, to create a better version of the music. Such a remaker and remixer is South Africa’s most talented and youngest Gqom Dj, Dr Dope.

Who Is Dr Dope? Bio, Age, Net Worth

Dr Dope as we earlier revealed is a South African gqom artist who has been in the music scene for some time now. The name has been a household name especially in the gqom genre.

The background and upbringing of Dr Dope is not certain at this point, but it is a fact that he was born and raised in South Africa.

Dr Dope has not revealed his his private information to the internet, neither has he talked about himself in such a manner that we could deduct some information about him.

From the images of the artists online, one can easily say that Dr Dope is in his early 20’s and may not be more than 25 years old.

Also, we would have loved to state his official net worth, but we cant, as we do not know the full worth of Dr Dope.

Fatela Remake

In 2022 October, Aymos & Ami Faku collaborated to share a new track which the titled Fatela, a song which since it’s release has been trending. Earlier this year in 2023, South African Gqom singer, and DJ Dr Dope decided to hop on the track and make a better version of the music by sharing a remake version of Fatela.

The gqom remix is currently on YouTube, and you can can watch below. The mp3 file may also be available as tge artist loves to share the free versions of his gqom mixes.

Kilimanjaro Remake

This year January 2023, some of the finest amapiano artists came together to release a new amapiano tune with they titled Kilimanjaro. The song was made by Pcee, Justin99, Mr JazziQ, S’gija Disciples, Zan’Ten and the song has been loved through out the country and beyond.

Kilimanjaro has been so good that it started a dance challenge on TikTok, the challenge gave way for critics to come up and claim that the song has some demonic links. The claim may have been as a result of the way users on TikTok tend to roll their eyes, and also dance in a manner that the movie industry shows is a demonic dance.

Despite the claims and fears, South Africa’s Gqom artist, Dr Dope hopped on the tune to make a remix of the song.

The official YouTube link where one can watch or stream the music is not available, neither is there any mp3 download link shared by the artist. There is however a snippet with was shared by a YouTube user and below you can watch the video.

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