Album: Inkabi Zezwe Umndeni Song By ‘Sjava & Big Zulu’

Inkabi Zezwe 'Big Zulu Sjava' Mbayi Mbayi Umbayi Umbayi' Mp3

Album: Inkabi Zezwe Umndeni Song By ‘Sjava & Big Zulu’

Inkabi Zezwe Album Zip & Inkabi Zezwe Umndeni Mp3 Download Song By ‘Sjava & Big Zulu’: Sadly, a lot of media outlets have been dishing out the wrong information, of which we are not exempted.

The correct information is this;  The album from Sjava & Big Zulu is titled “Ukhamba” slated to be shared on the 12th of May 2023. Secondly, “Inkabi Zezwe” is not the album name, but the official stage name of Sjava & Big Zulu. Lastly, “Umbayimbayi” which we fondly refer to as Mbayi Mbayi Umbayi Umbayi is just a single which was released on the 24th of March 2023.

Most information about the joint work from Big Zulu and Sjava became clearer when they made the announcement of a new single from their upcoming album project, they revealed that the single will be titled “Umbayimbayi”.

The single when released some days back was expected to make the duo’s fans have a feel of what the main project will be like when it drops officially.

On Twitter, an an account which seem to be very close to the duo made the whole information clear to everyone, the account name is Rashid Kay. Like we stated earlier, it was reported that the account user is a close associate of the rappers and he confirmed that the song was supposed to drop on the 24th of March 2023, and it actually did drop then. The same account user revealed further that the collaborative joint album project from Inkabi Zezwe aka Big Zulu ft Sjava will make its way to the streaming platforms on the 12th of May 2023.

As for Sjava, he is one of the few rappers who has been speaking out about the importance of artists collaborating on projects, he therefore decided to walk the talk by working together with his fellow rapper Big Zulu to form Inkabi Zezwe.

In an interview, the rapper stated that fans would rather want to see artists fight rather than work together and that it is the obligation of artists to prove them wrong and work together more.

In his exact statement he said, “This generation likes to see people fight, but at the same time when guys come together a lot of people will be happy than the ones who are happy when you fight,” he said. “So the issue of collaboration is very important, I always tell the guys to collaborate more, no one has his own fans, people listen to all of us so people want to see us working together,” he added.

Umndeni Song By Inkabi Zezwe ‘Sjava ft Big Zulu’

From the upcoming project, Ukhamba whose release date has been stated to be on 12th of May 2023, the artists have released two songs.

First song from the album is Mbayi Mbayi Umbayi Umbayi, since the release of the song. it has been topping chart in the South African music scene. Every radio and TV stations have been on the new rap track and as expected, it is already doing numbers on the streaming services where it was uploaded.

Second song from the project is Umdeni, a single which is also a part of the songs expected to surface in the upcoming studio album. The single has not however been released officially, but was leaked.

The two listed songs are the songs which will together with other singles make up the upcoming studio project of the South African music rappers.

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