Pcee Featured On Amapiano Song, ‘Baja Ko Pele’?

Pcee Featured On Amapiano Song, 'Baja Ko Pele'?

Pcee Featured On Amapiano Song, ‘Baja Ko Pele’?

Pcee Baja Ko Pele Mp3 Download: Some days ago, South African amapiano star Focalistic together with M.J teamed up to release a new piano jam which they called Baja Ko Pele. After the official release, some tweeps began to worry if there’s a third person in the music, Pcee.

Asides the argument, the amapiano song is one to keep you on your feet making you to dance and love the recently released hit.

One of the singers, Focalistic is a well known amapiano artist in South Africa, and in recent years he has been successful with his most of his releases. His style of amapiano music has been so good that he has done amazing tracks even with international artists like Davido of Nigeria on their Champion Sound.

With the new song Baja Ko Pele, Focalistic has once again proven to be fierce whenever he is in the studio making an amapiano music.

Officially, on the song we have another singer, M.J. Another South African music artist who seems wo be more affiliated to amapiano music. He is the one who worked together with Focalistic to add as assisted layer of voice. The voice made the song as perfect as it is now.

For the song name, “Baja Ko Pele”, in English it means “start from the beginning”, and that was shown in the song lyrics. The artists seem to ask it’s listeners to not forget their roots and where they are coming from, this message is particularly needed in this day where the world in moving in a fast pace.

So far, the production on the song is on top of the world. The sound, lyrics and arrangements seem to be perfect for the song. The identity of the production team is not known but evidently they did a nice job of creating a tune that perfectly matches what users will love.

“Baja Ko Pele” by Focalistic and M.J is a lovely track for anyone who loves amapiano music. For the argument, there is not verse in the song where Pcee’s voice was heard. Surely, Pcee is a fast rising amapiano singer who recently showed up in the amapiano industry in South Africa. Since his emergence, he has promoted himself with his wonderful tune.

It is an undeniable fact that Pcee is good, but we doubt he contributed to the music, except he worked closely with the production team for the song  to achieve success. Also, it could be possible that Pcee contributed to the success of the song, but behind the scene, hence his was not credited duly.

In conclusion, we can all accept the fact that the music is a beautiful amapiano master piece, irrespective of the argument of Pcee being active on the music.

The song is currently on YouTube, you can stream on YouTube or download from apple music.

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