Dj Zinhle And Murdah Bongz Age Difference

How Old Is Dj Zinhle And Murdah Bongz, Age Difference

Dj Zinhle And Murdah Bongz Age Difference, True Love Story

DJ Zinhle is a South African music star who was born on December 30, 1983, so in 2023 she will celebrate her 40th birthday, while on the other hand, Murdah Bongz was born on June 9, 1987 and will be 36 years old in 2023. The age difference between the two is four years. Dj Zinhle therefore is 4 years older than her lover, Murdah Bongz.

When Murdah Bongz and Dj Zinhle first announced their relationship, everyone was shocked, mostly because of the age difference between Dj Zinhle And Murdah Bongz.

Well, their love story dated back from 3 years ago, in 2020 and it was Zinhle who first broke the news to her fans as she shared images of gifts and flowers that was sent to her from an unknown admirer.

How The Love Story Of Dj Zinhle And Murdah Bongz Started

At first, when the couple began to date in June 2020, they did not let the public know about it as it was a private relationship to them, till their love began to manifest, and fans began to dot the I and cross the T. Then it was obvious that Dj Zinhle and Mohosana are just drunk in love.

Talking about how they met, the duo was said to had met in a studio when they were in for a record session which was organized by a friend of both. The couple confirmed that to them, it was love at first sight. Despite the fact that many do not believe in the existence of “love at first sight”, the couple beg to differ.

After a while, when the duo had been confirmed to be dating, there came about a rumour which suggests that Zinhle was pregnant, but not the male singer nor his partner confirmed or denied this.

In December 2020, the two lovers officially announced that they were dating and in love with each other. This time, it was Murdah Bongz who took to his social media to reveal about the romantic relationship with a fellow music maker, Dj Zinhle.

Then, he wrote a beautiful prayer, which was typed in traditional Zulu language, asking God to make the relationship with his lover a smooth and prosperous one. After that, Zinhle replied to the post and said, “say hi to my sweetheart.”

In 2021, when it was time for Murda Bongz’s birthday, Zinhle shared a heartfelt emotional message on her social platform and declared her love for him, she stated, “I wish you a birthday that is beyond the world, exactly as you are,” she went ahead to thank him for the time they had been together and wished him a happy birthday.

Dj Zinhle, Her Love For Younger Men

In a traditional African setting, it would be expected that a man should be dating or married to a younger woman, this has been the adopted tradition, but this may not be so for a few, one of whom is DJ Zinhle.

Prior to her relationship with Murdah Bongs DJ, Zinhle was known to be in a romantic relationship with a very popular and talented South African rapper, AKA. Interestingly, AKA is younger than Zinhle and their age difference is still four years.

Zinhle and AKA had a child together whom they named Kairo Owethu Forbes. Zinhle and AKA revealed they were not together again in January 2020.

Also, people were shocked when it was revealed that she was in a secret relationship with another singer, Black Motion’s Murdah Bongz who was born on 9 June 1987. Again, Zinhle chose a man whom she 4 years older than.

This pattern continued with her new and current lover, Murdah Bongz, and as such a few people raised some questions and gentle criticism, but the love between the two seem not to have ever wavered.

Do Murdah Bongz and DJ Zinhle Have Any Child / Children Together

In 2020, this topic was said to be just rumour, but its 2023, the duo have been blessed with not just one but two kids.

After the birth of their baby, Asante in September 2021 DJ Zinhle and her partner Murdah Bongz hinted at welcoming another baby together.

Bongz was the one who took to his IG stories to release a picture of him and his lover, Zinhle in an elevator with the female Dj, who seemed to be shying away from the camera.

Then, he captioned the snap and noted “Asante younger brother or sister on the way.”

The duo first confirmed the first pregnancy through a nice photoshoot, and then shared the name of their unborn baby, and it was Asante.

When Zinhle was pregnant with Asante, it was revealed that she tried to conceal the pregnancy, though could not go on for long. She confirmed to had worn some loose-fitting attire to disguise her pregnancy, and yes it worked for a while.

Dj Zinhle Conducts A Question And Answer Session With Her Fans

Months ago, Dj Zinhle claimed she wanted to break her own rule of being a private person by conducting an honest question and answer session with her fans. She claimed that her fans should ask her anything they wish and she would answer them correctly and honestly, but maybe she did not know what the majority of the questions may be.

Most questions was centered around  her relationship with Murdah Bongz and why she chose to date younger men, instead of older men.

Then the Dj confirmed with her fans that age is nothing but just number, and that she really love the be with younger men.

The QnA session was conducted on her Instagram, and some of the questions and answers are listed below.

A fan asked, “Does age matter in who you date?” Zinhle replied “No. But I prefer younger men,” she laughed.

Another fan asked how did she know Bongz liked her, “How did Bongani show you that he likes you?” a fan asked.

Zinhle, responded by saying that Bongani swept her off her feet, she said he used one of her own old records to sample an old letter she penned for her dad just after his demise in 2010. She replied, “I found a vinyl record from my old collection, on the cover was a letter I wrote to my dad after he died in 2010. I don’t even remember writing that letter but I was super emotional when I found it. Bongani took the record, sampled it and made a song for me.” 

She also spoke of how she has been stupidly in love, she replied Somizi that she wants to find out about a person herself instead of being told about the person. She once said in a Dinner at Somizi, “I think I’m still stupid in love. I’m the dumbest. If the heart is starting to ‘Umlilo’ I’m inside.” She reported to Somizi.” And that’s where I find that I and Sthe (Pearl Thusi) differ. Sthe questions first but I go in headfirst. I’ve found that with me I don’t want to be told. I want to find out for myself. Then after I’ve experienced for myself I’ll be alright.”

She continued, “And it’s not just romantic relationships. I don’t take someone else’s words as facts. I want you to prove yourself to prove to me. I’m just a hopeless romantic. I’m a sucker for love.”

Well, one can argue that Murdah is maybe one of the best things to have ever happened to Zinhle romantically as she has been stating how incredibly grateful and thankful she is of him.

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